2009 in knitting!

In a fit of wine-induced nostalgia, I went and read through my blog posts from the past year. Leaving aside the sublime stuff (trip to the Outer Banks!) and the awful stuff (a tree fell on our house!), I wanted to look back just at my year in knitting. I know it’s technically the end of the decade as well, but my overly-emotional self can’t handle thinking that far back right now. Let’s stick to the past 365 days.

I’m pretty proud of what I finished: 3 sweaters, 3 pairs of socks, 3 lace shawls, 3 hats, fingerless mitts, a felted purse, a baby blanket, and who knows how many dishcloths.

Not too shabby, eh? I’m hoping I will finish even more projects in 2010, including my 12 sweaters.

I also thought back on the year in knitting patterns, and I’d like to hand out a few entirely fabricated awards.The winners can thank me later. : )

My Favorite Shawl Pattern of 2009:

My Favorite Kids Pattern of 2009:

  • Roo by Kate Gilbert (eep! I almost want to make a baby just to knit that, and then make the kid wear it. Almost.)

My Favorite Sweater Pattern of 2009 (and this is SO hard to narrow down)

My Favorite Accessories Pattern of 2009

Most “Interesting” Pattern of 2009

My Favorite Knitting Book of 2009

  • Knitters Book of Wool by Clara Parkes (Amazon link)
  • Runner-up: French Girl Knits by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes (Amazon link)

Another happy knitting-related thing for me this year is that I discovered my great yarn love, Malabrigo Sock yarn. Ahhh, love at first site.

What were your knitting/crafty highlights of the year? : )


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