(This will be a photo-less post…I’ve finished a couple things, but in the course of unpacking from our holiday trip, my camera accidentally got dropped on the asphalt and the delicate innards of my lens were shattered. Horrifying. It doesn’t matter who did the dropping. It may have been me. It may have been my husband. Let’s just say, one of us felt very, very sorry and is buying the other one a replacement lens. [And it wasn’t me.] So no photos for a bit. It’s not a happy topic. Let’s move on.) 

I always feel so odd during this post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s time. It’s a weird feeling: I’m done with 2009 and holiday madness and all that, but technically it’s not quite time for the fresh, new-start feeling of January 1st. Typically, I mark these few days by doing a fairly massive house clean, then turn my thoughts to plans for the brand new year. 

Knitting-wise, I have some exciting (to me) plans. I’m joining up with the NaKniSweMoDo group on Ravelry – that stands for National Knit a Sweater a Month Dodecathon. I think. Essentially, these brave/crazy people are committing to knit or crochet 12 sweaters in a year. I discovered their group about halfway through 2009, so too late to join up, but I’m signed on for 2010! 

 If you want some awe-inspiring sweater viewing, just take a look at all the great sweaters group members knit in the past 12 months. That’s some truly great stuff! 

I decided that I’m not going to pick out my 12 sweater patterns in advance, but instead, choose them as they come. For me, a good chunk of the fun of knitting is planning and choosing a yarn to perfectly match the project, and shockingly, I don’t stash sweater yarn. I buy it as I’m ready to use it. I do have a short list of contenders for the first few sweaters though:  (the links lead to where you can get the pattern)

  • Vivian by Ysolda Teague – I think I’ll knit this in heathered Cascade 220, in a gray-green shade
  • Vaila by Gunrun Johnston
  • Kingscot by Norah Gaughan
  • Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague

Huh. Those are all Twist Collective patterns. I also want to knit some Kim Hargreaves patterns from her Precious collection that came out back in the late summer. Plus, I know there will be more patterns coming out this year that I’ll love. This is exactly why I’m trying to get 12 sweaters knit this year – there are about 87 patterns I love and want to wear! 

Hopefully there will be some images in my next post to break up all the knitting blather. Enjoy the last days of 2009!


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