New Project: Interlocking Leaves Socks!

More socks! I’m working on a pair of Interlocking Leaves, from Knitty fall 2008, in this nice bright pink color of Araucania Ranco. I spent a good hour looking at sock patterns and browsing finished socks on Ravelry, and, dammit, there are so many nice ones out there. How to decide? I ended up choosing this one based on the fact that the shoes in the pattern photo are really cute. (Also, the pattern had good feedback on Rav).

Half the time, I choose patterns based on how appealing I find the photo that goes along with the pattern. Fair? Not really. Do I miss out on some very cute, but crappily-photographed, patterns? I’m sure I do. Ultimately, though, the good photos with interesting settings/staging and cute clothes catch my eye and get my downloads. Just a hot tip for any knitting designers out there looking for my dollars.

Back to the socks!


I’ve just finished turning the heel on the first pair. I like the pattern so far! Well-written, makes sense, fun lace pattern.

In other news, Hurricane-then-downgraded-to-Tropical-Storm Ida is dropping SO much rain on all of North Carolina. It’s been raining non-stop since yesterday evening. The creek out back is rising perilously close to the house.


See that water? Not normally there. They’re calling for rain through Friday! Eep! Since the tree fell on our house back in the spring, I think we should be safe, right? There must be some kinda law against facing more than one natural disaster per year.


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