New Project: Noro stripey socks.


Oooo, it’s been a while. All the mundane, usual excuses apply: work has been really intense, I just feel totally wiped out by the time I get home, and changing into comfy pants is about all I can manage some days. Teaching is the kind of job you have to pour yourself into to be really good at it, and that’s okay. It doesn’t leave a whole lot of me leftover though.

ANYWAY. Enough with the whinging. I’ve been slowly working my way through a new project. Socks!


These are toe-up socks, the basic recipe, out of Noro Kureyon sock. I wound the skein into 2 equal-sized balls, and have been knitting them in alternating 4-row stripes. The colorway is pretty subdued for Kureyon, so there’s not as much contrast between the stripes as I would have liked. I’m still pretty pleased so far though.

I’m about done with sock one, and going to cast on immediately for sock two. Just in time for today’s chilly temperature of 73 degrees. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the weather here?


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