Finished! Ishbel shawl.

I’m really churning out the finished objects these days!


Pattern: Ishbel lace shawl from Whimsical Little Knits by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Malabrigo sock yarn (aka, my favorite yarn ever, spun and dyed by the gods themselves) in Turner colorway.

Needles: size 5 circs

Notes and Mods: I knit the small stockinette portion, and the large lace portion. That used up about 90% of the skein of Malabrigo. No other mods!

Pre-blocking (for my non-knitting friends, blocking is when you soak a knitted object in water, then pin it out to dry. It makes the shape all nice and even. For lace things, it turns them from a lumpy, wrinkly blob into, well, lace!):


Ta da! Post-blocking:


I am truly loving Whimsical Little Knits; the patterns all well-written, and the finished projects are beautiful. Highly, highly recommended.



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