Finished: baby blanket!

I finally finished the baby blanket I posted about way back in July. Yeah. The baby is now three weeks old. But! It’s not even cold, yet, so he can’t use it right now anyway.So, it’s fine, right? Right.


There is no way to take an artistic shot of an acrylic camo baby blanket. Believe me, I tried.

I also, way back in August, got a new book of patterns: Whimsical Little Knits by Ysolda Teague. Now she releasing patterns from the second Whimsical Little Knits collection, which has some REALLY cute patterns, and I will definitely order that one. Look at it here!

The WLK 1 pattern book came with such adorable packaging, and the first page has a “This book belongs to _____ “book plate. Cute! (I need to learn some more synonyms for “cute”) Not to mention my very American excitement at getting any package that says “Air Mail” and/or has writing in other languages.

Sept 2009

I’ve almost finished my first project from the book, a lace shawl that I thought I was going to finish during our 6 day vacation at the beach. Har har. I did finish it in about a week, once I got home. It just needs blocking, now.


Blocked and finished photos coming soon. The Mirabella cardigan I posted about last time is also done, just needs buttons and blocking (notice a theme here?). Must finish things.


2 thoughts on “Finished: baby blanket!

  1. i bought veyla from the new wlk. i’ve got one almost finished; it’s on hold while i contemplate making it into a glove.

    and your shawl looks very lovely. i really like the color… is it malabrigo?

    • Oh, I really like Veyla. That’s definitely going in my queue.

      Thanks! It is – Malabrigo sock in Turner. I think that Mal sock might be my favorite yarn ever.

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