Quick hello and new fall patterns!

I’m back from the beach. And I did not post. I did not even begin my carefully-selected vacation knitting project. What I did do was a lot of relaxing, walking, exploring, swimming, watching dolphins, and eating. Lots and lots of eating. I’ll do a big post with photos in the next few days. I go back to work tomorrow, a fact about which I’m still squarely in denial. I should probably, you know, pack a lunch and get work clothes ready. Something I haven’t had to do in eight weeks. Pssssh. Whatever.

I’ve made a bit of a promise to myself to focus on the good this school year, to get me through the bad. And one good thing is that fall patterns are arriving left and right!

The new Kim Hargreaves book, Precious, came out this week. It’s a book of mostly long sleeve and 3/4-length sweaters, with a few hats in the mix, and is heavy on the grays and blacks. That might be my one nit to pick about the collection: it’s so hard for me to see the shape and details in a black sweater. Maybe I have poor vision, I dunno. Here are my favs:

{ Thea - photo from kimhargreaves.com }

{ Thea - photo from kimhargreaves.co.uk }

{ Christie - photo from kimhargreaves.com }

{ Christie - photo from kimhargreaves.co.uk }

{ Fay - photo from kimhargreaves.com }

{ Fay - photo from kimhargreaves.co.uk }

I don’t think there’s any other knitting designer out there right now other than Kim who can style a true collection, where all the pieces have the same feel and look. Well, any designer whose patterns I actually like. I love how this collection has a definite retro feel, but a little more hard-edged than Breeze. It’s like Breeze’s cool older sister who drinks and smokes and reads poetry. I think I’m going to get this book, but I may wait a bit to knit some other things first.

The autumn 2009 issue of the Twist Collective came out, today I believe. I think Ysolda’s cardigan, the Vine Yoke Cardigan, is going to be the hot new thing. And it is very cute!

{ photo from twistcollective.com }

{ photo from twistcollective.com }

That sleeve detail! Adorable. I’m also a fan of Peyton, by Connie Chang Chinchio (maybe I should just start calling her CCC, I refer to her so often):

{ photo from twistcollective.com }

{ photo from twistcollective.com }

Overall, I enjoyed this issue and will probably knit at least these two sweaters eventually. No Twist Collective issue since the first Fall 2008 one has really hit it out of the park for me, in terms of patterns I like. The cool thing is that I can pick and choose which to buy, and I can always go back to older issues and get those patterns as the fancy strikes.

Alright, I better go face the music and get ready for this school year…


2 thoughts on “Quick hello and new fall patterns!

    • Aw, thanks! Yeah, when I pick out patterns, I always ask myself if I would buy it in a store. Learn to knit! There are some cute patterns these days. : )

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