FO: Booga Bag

Eep! It’s been too long since I last posted. We’ve had out of town visitors 2 weeks in a row, and between the catching up, eating, traveling, cleaning, and general pleasant busy-ness, I haven’t really had time to knit or blog about knitting.

In between the sets of visitors, though, I did have time to complete a quick finished object: the Booga Bag, for my mom’s birthday. She requested a felted bag in some combination of “red, gold, brown, green, and beige” colors. Luckily, Noro makes such a thing (with some fuchsia thrown in).


Here’s the finished project! Sorry for the blurry photo: don’t know what happened there.


Pattern: Booga Bag by Julie Anderson

Yarn: Noro Kureyon, colorway 255, 3 skeins

Needles: US 10 and 1/2 circulars

Mods: I wanted the purse to be a bit wider, so when knitting the base of the bag, I cast on 45 st, then knit the 34 rows as described in the pattern.  I followed the rest of the pattern as written, and knit 6 feet of icord, which used up 3 skeins of Noro exactly. I am a very loose knitter, though.

I also added a little cell phone pouch to the inside of the bag, using Knitpicks Merino Style in a lime green color. I magic-looped a tube of plain stockinette using 10 and 1/2 needles. It was about 4 inches wide and maybe 6 inches long before felting, then I used kitchener stitch to graft the bottom of the pouch together. I knit about 5 inches of icord using a smaller needle (I think size 8), then used a quick whip stitch to attach it to one corner of the pouch, then to the inside of the Booga bag after felting. Like so:


I felted all the pieces together in my front load washer, on the hot-cold setting and using the “quick” cycle (about 30 minutes). The scary thing about front load felting is that you can’t check on it mid-felt because the door locks (preventing people like me from opening the door and unleashing a waterfall)  and so you have to have a little bit of  faith that it will turn out okay. Which it did. The cell phone pouch took only one cycle, while the rest of the bag took two cycles.

My mom was really pleased with the bag, I think! The only downside is that she won’t be able to use it until fall, because carrying a wool felted bag in humid summer weather would just be gross. I’m shuddering to think of all the little wool bits that would stick to you…yuck. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this pattern for a quick but impressive gift.


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