Blast from the past.

Look what I found while cleaning! The very first thing I ever knit!!


It’s a, uh, thing. I used it as a blanket for my Felicity American Girl doll, but I have no idea what it was “supposed” to be, other than knitting practice. I knit this in 4th grade, so I would have been around ten years old.

My favorite thing about this is that it starts out one width, and I kept accidentally adding stitches until it ended up quite a bit wider!


Hehehe. I also liked the spots where I obviously dropped a stitch, and “fixed” it by tying up the yarn and creating a weird gaping hole.

And those yarn colors are ugly as sin.

But hey! I made it with my own two hands, and it represents the beginning of an awesome creative outlet. I’m so happy I kept it!


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