FO: Pomatomus Socks!


Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A (rav link here)

Yarn: Trekking Pro Natura, wool and bamboo blend, 1 skein of colorway 1506

Needles: US size 1, Addi lace turbos

Notes:  Boy howdy, am I glad these are done. The pattern was pretty fun to work up, but the yarn was not. Due to the bamboo content, the yarn didn’t have a lot of give, so it was hard on my hands. That also means the socks aren’t as stretchy and springy as they should be, so they slip down my legs. Since the yarn was so unpleasant to work with, I just wanted these to be finished, and a side effect is that my knitting was a bit fast and loose. Not my best work, but they’ll do the job of keeping my feet warm, at least!



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