New project!


Why, yes! That is a camouflage baby blanket!

It’s for my cousin and his wife, who are having their first baby in August. It’s knit in Bernat Camo, which is acrylic. It’s not terrible to knit with, though – the yarn is soft and it makes good movie-watching knitting. The pattern is the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the first Stitch n Bitch book, and I’m about halfway done.

Why camo, you say? Wellll, my cousin loves to hunt and ride around on his John Deere and generally be out in the woods. Their wedding colors were camo. I’m thinking of getting some other baby stuff to go with it. Like this:

baby_camo1 Or maybe this:


This set is cute. I’m wondering if that’s a baby bottle, or just an infant-sized bottle of deer scent.


Anyhow! The other big project I worked on today was cleaning up my desk. It had become a complete embarrassment.


Oof. Makes my skin crawl to look at it! The cords! The old paperwork! The three random sets of headphones! This is so much nicer:


Ahhh. Much better. Although now it’s really apparant that I need something on the wall above my desk! Too much blank space!


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