Pomatomus and a day at the lake.


On Saturday, the husband and I headed to Kerr Lake for what was supposed to be a weekend camping trip. Sadly for all involved, it turned into a day trip after I came down with a migraine. The chain of events went something like this: tried all evening to ignore the migraine, decided around 10:30pm that I couldn’t ignore the migraine, we packed up the tent and loaded everything back into the car (in the dark!), drove to the campground entrance only to find the gate shut and that we were locked in (!!!), called the state park after-hours phone number which no one answered, woke up the campground hosts who were a very nice retired couple with yappy dogs, had to fill out a “report” for the park ranger that we had a “medical emergency” necessitating the unlocking of the gate, and finally, finally got the gate unlocked, drove home and arrived sometime after midnight, where I promptly barfed (sorry) and then passed out in bed.

Who knew it was that hard to leave a campground? In addition, I would like to add that I have a very patient husband.

Anyway, before the Great Migraine Disaster of Aught Nine, we had a great day at the lake!

{ our campsite, right on the water }

{ our campsite, right on the water }

We spent almost all day like this, sitting on a little isolated “beach” and watching all the boats go by.


I got to knit a couple inches on my second Pomatmus sock. I wish all my work-in-progress photos had such a photogenic background!


Also, there were snacks. Delicious, yummy, (semi-illegal…shh) wine and cookie snacks.


Finally, to top the day off, we got to see a gorgeous sunset. How pretty is that?




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