Pomatomus socks: halfway there!

How do you pronounce these things anyhow? Poh-MAH-toh-mus? Poh-muh-TOE-mus?


Honestly, I wil be very happy when these are done. The pattern is fun enough, but the Trekking Pro Natura is not-so-fun. It has little spring to it, which not only hurts my hands but also means the yarn overs in the pattern look loosey goosey and the cuff slides down. I’m guessing this is because of the bamboo content. Makes me sad, because I like the color a lot.

Look at this mint! It’s going crazy.

{ Mint in May }

{ mint in May }

{ mint in June }

{ mint in June }

I’ve done nothing at all to it (other than water every once in a while.) Behold, the invasive power of mint.


4 thoughts on “Pomatomus socks: halfway there!

  1. i need to do some mint. i have determined that the only way to fight the invasive weeds in my garden is with other invasive weeds. just, you know, ones that don’t suck and are preferably edible.

    what is the mint with the white edges?

    • Yeah, mint can reallllly go crazy, and fast, and will pretty much rein supreme over most other plants around it. I always grow it in a pot – my MIL planted it in a flower bed one year, and it took over almost the whole thing. It’s awesome to always have an abundance of it for juleps and mojitos though! The white edged one is pineapple mint – it’s not as strong as the other, which is Kentucky colonel mint.

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