Summer Twist Collective.

The summer issue of Twist Collective came out today! I’m actually not head-over-heels in love with any of the patterns, but there are a couple that caught my eye on the first flip through:


{photo from}

The Aphrodite shawl by Sivia Harding has a really interesting shape. It looks to me like the shawl is formed into wedges so that it hugs your shoulders a bit. I would definitely be curious about knitting it, just to try out the structure. Plus, you know me and shawls.

{photo from}

{photo from}

Ashbury by the ever-wonderful Norah Gaughan is also cute, and looks to be an all-purpose cardigan that’s not just boring and blah.

It’s nice to get a bit of knitting inspiration, although lately I haven’t really seen anything to write home about in the knitting world. Of course, that’s mainly personal preference: last spring and summer were like the Seasons of Dayna in terms of patterns. It seemed like I loved everything being published. It makes sense that it swings to other styles for a bit, and hopefully the fall/winter stuff will be more my style. Because I don’t have enough to knit already…


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