Garden Update: Lettuce is a go!

I’ve been away, in my lovely hometown of Louisville, Kentucky with my lovely and crazy family. I took a metric ton of photos there, but am still editing them. Until I can get those up, look at this!



I just went out to check on the garden, and evidently the lettuces had a crazy growing party up in this piece while we were gone. In a mere 15 days, they went from this:


To this:


Not that we were gone 15 days (just 5) but the lettuce was definitely not that lush and ruffly when we left last Wednesday. It looks like real lettuce! I am so thrilled that it seems to be thriving, and I think in about 2 weeks, it’ll be at harvesting point. It looks eat-able now, but will hopefully get even more leafy and delicious. Just have to make sure I catch it before it gets too hot out.

I did make one error: I planted 2 types of lettuce, but forgot to label which went in each container. Duh. A rookie mistake, but not a fatal one. I’ll just have to compare what I’m eating with the photo on the seed packet.

Louisville photos and knitting update coming very soon.


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