My Raised Bed Garden! Step One.

Quick update on how things are looking in my tiny townhouse garden:

Lettuce is looking good! I think it’s time to thin out some of the seedlings, though. I way over-planted. Have to steel myself to be ruthless with those cute little sprouts.


Nooo! Don't pull me!

The other exciting bit of news is that my husband and I built a frame for a raised bed for the garden over the weekend. After a fruitful 3 hour session of playing Resident Evil 5 online with a friend, he decided he wanted to do something, you know, off the couch.


We bought 2 cedar boards that measured 1″ x 10″ x 8′ and had them cut into a 3 foot piece and a 5 foot piece – so that makes the bed 10 inches high. I would have liked a little higher, but that’s all the store had. The boards are held together by angle brackets and wood screws. The project cost a total of $30!


We’re waiting to fill it and plant for probably 2 more weekends. We had a late frost last night that made me a little cautious to plant anything just yet. I’m probably going to use something like the Square Foot Gardening method to design the bed. Who knew a couple boards screwed together could be so exciting?


Here are some links that helped me with this project:

Building a Raised Bed Garden

Raised Beds


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