Climbing Vines, almost but not quite done.

Okay, I was a little wrong about the weekend of rain. It rained like crazy on Saturday, but Sunday was lovely and sunny, and a great day for throwing open the windows and doing spring cleaning. I did five (5!) loads of laundry yesterday, leaving not a huge amount of time for knitting. Despite that, I’ve done everything except knit the neckband, which I picked up last night.


My husband and I often taunt each other (as married couples do) with that line from Office Space, “Looks like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!” but seriously, today I really do. I just feel cross and off-kilter and…cranky. I don’t want to knit, I don’t want to cook dinner, or answer my work emails, or make my cat’s vet appointment, or listen to the radio, or read one more word about the search for Kentucky’s new basketball coach. About the only thing that put a smile on my face today are these:


Lettuce sprouts! I’m trying lettuce in containers for the first time. There’s something so simple and gratifying, so just plain awesome, about the magic trick of seed + water + sun = plant. It took the seeds 7 days to germinate, which is about right, and should take 30-40 days to harvest. Probably towards the 30 end, because I’m in zone 7b and things tend to grow at a ridiculous rate here.

Anyway, these teensy sprouts are a bright spot in my Monday, along with the realization that there are a measly 9 weeks left until summer break. 8 more Mondays! That’s practially nothing.


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