Climbing Vines Pullover – almost done!

The pieces are all knit, the ends are all woven in, and I spent an enthralling Friday night blocking it on my bathroom floor.


Since we’re having yet another Weekend of Never-Ending Rain, I’m sure I’ll have enough quiet indoor time to get this seamed. Finished sweater photos coming soon!

My thoughts are now turning, as they will, to my next project. Sweater, definitely. There are so many amazing patterns out there right now, and I’m really having trouble making up my mind. I don’t have any more sweaters worth of yarn in my stash, except for some Rowan 4py Cotton, which is fingering weight and which, Ravelry has just informed me, is discontinued. Huh.

I bought it last year to make an Orangina by Stephanie Japel, but after looking at a lot of finished Oranginas on Rav, I didn’t like the way most of them fit. It seems to be one of those sweaters that looks AWESOME when you’re posing but would slide around and look wonky when you’re moving around in real life.

So. Some options:

The name of the colorway is aubergine, so a pretty deep purpley shade. I would like to cast on this weekend, so as much as I love the Kim Hargreaves sweater (and, oh my god, why didn’t I know about Kim Hargreaves’ pattern collections Nectar and Breeze until recently? I must own them), I can get my hot little hands on the other two patterns right away.

Whisper has a really interesting construction, and after knitting Climbing Vines in pieces, I’d like to knit a seamless garment.  I think Whisper is it…


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