Colonial Williamsburg, parte two.

(I’ve been adding gratiuitous  e’s to words to make them olde timey since we got back from Williamsburg. I’m not sure it’s funny to anyone else but me though. )

Here’s the rest of what I have to say about Williamsburg, with some recommendations that might be helpful. Some places that I really liked:

The Cheese Shop –  a great lunch place in Merchant’s Square. I had the turkey sandwich on French bread (yum) with the house dressing (double yum) and havarti (triple yum). My husband had an Oak Barrel Stout brewed by Old Dominion Ale in VA. It had an amazing oak finish, and we’ll definitely look for it around here.


(One note about the Cheese Shop that might help some hapless reader out there: there’s a system to this place. Go allll the way to the back left, place your order there, then join the throng of people milling around. There’s no line to pick up, you just wait til you hear your name called. Then shove your way to the front, pick up your basket, shove your way to the drink cooler, pick a drink, then go all the way back up front to pay. I was so irritated by the lack of signage or directions that I was ready to give up on this place, but the food was so good, it won me back. )

The Peanut Shop – also in Merchant’s Square. Get some peanuts here, seriously. We got the honey roasted and the crab ones.

Berret’s Seafood– We went here for Sunday brunch, and I had some she-crab soup that was truly excellent. My husband had a shrimp omelet that was also excellent. You could order a bottomless mimosa, but I passed on that, sadly, because it was noon and I had a lot of walking about town to do. I got a mango bellini instead. Good choice!


One last thing I really recommend is to visit the veggie and herb garden, which is near Bruton Parish Church, on the opposite side of Duke of Gloucester. It’s a working garden, and the interpreter who was there was really, really knowledgeable and friendly. He chastised me for being a bad wife because I hadn’t gotten my peas and artichokes in yet. Hehehe.


We had a really nice time in Williamsburg, and absolutely perfect weather last weekend. It’s been fun to review the trip as I sit here, looking out the window at the 48th straight hour of rain…anyway. Knitting update coming in the next couple days, when the light is better for photos! I’ve been busy on my Climbing Vines pullover.


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