Colonial Williamsburg.

I had a very lovely weekend trip to Colonial Williamsburg, and for two whole days I forgot that I had a job at all.


Williamsburg is one point of the Historic Triangle in Virginia, the other two being Jamestown and Yorktown. We only had time for Williamsburg, but I would love to go back and tour them in chronological order: J-town, W-burg, and Y-town. (I’m such a nerd, if the fact that I spend my free time touring historical sites isn’t evidence enough.)

Anyhow. Williamsburg is a really unique spot – the Historic Area of the town is several blocks long and a couple blocks wide, and they really try to make it appear as it did in the 18th century. Other than the idiots on cell phones and the odd car or two, I think they succeed. Several of the buildings had burned down and were reconstructions, but they do have over 80 original buildings, with interpreters and craftspeople throughout to explain everything. I loved it.




In terms of fiber-related attractions, I came away a little disappointed. They actually did offer a spinning class the weekend we were there, but it was $55 a person and I just couldn’t swing that. One of the shops in the historic area sells wool yarn for I think $22 a skein, and another shop sells knitting kits for fingerless mitts, socks, and one more thing I can’t remember…maybe a hat? I got really excited when I saw a drop spindle kit, but I looked closer and saw it was made in Indiana. haha.

I did see sheep!!


This sheep spotting was one of my favorite moments. The sheep totally ignored me, though.

I have some more photos and stories, but the past two days at work have really kicked my ass, so I’m off to partake in the magical soothing powers of yarn and dark chocolate.


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