February Lady Sweater, finished in March.

It’s done! I sewed on buttons as soon as I got home from work today, because I want to wear it tomorrow.


Pattern: February Lady Sweater

Yarn: Berocco Comfort, 5 skeins

Needles: size 6 circulars

Mods: None that I can remember.

Notes: This was a pretty quick and fun knit, except for my inability to knit the sleeves correctly. Top-down seamless is usually a nice, relaxing style to knit, and this was no exception. I liked using Comfort, too. It’s soft and has a nice drape, especially for a synthetic yarn. I can definitely see myself knitting with it again, for casual sweaters or baby stuff that needs to be washed.


Hello, little horsey sculpture.

One of my unofficial resolutions for this year is to knit more and waste time on the internet less. I realized that if I want to have a hope of getting through my huge list of sweater patterns I absolutely love, I need to really increase my knitting time. I also realized that I spend a majority of my free time online, and after a certain point (say, an hour a day) I don’t get any benefit out of it at all. I start to feel like a big old lazy slug.

So, as soon as I finished the Feb Lady, I cast on for my next sweater: the Climbing Vines Sweater from Interweave Winter 2008.


Here’s my version, which I’m knitting in yet another Berocco yarn in green, Ultra Alpaca, in the pea soup colorway.


I’m about 8 inches into the back, which isn’t too shabby for 2 days of knitting. And now, in the spirit of fulfilling my resolution, I’m about to turn off my laptop and get back to knitting.


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