Chili, Louisville style.

I must be the most erratic blogger ever.

I got a new toy! A Nikon D40. It’s a new toy that will make me want to blog more, because my photos will hopefully improve a lot from what I was taking with the point and shoot. I took photography at summer camp, in high school, and in college, so I would call myself an amateur enthusiast. I’ve been wanting a digital SLR for years, and have been saving up and researching for a while now. Anyway, it’s kind of awesome.

Two things foiled my plans to take a bunch of nice, well-lit shots today: it’s raining out, and I twisted my foot yesterday and now my ankle is all weird and sore. Dammit! I decided to document my evening anyway. I’m not totally satisfied with these shots, but I have a lot to learn (and re-learn) about photography before I’ll be really happy with my results.

Tonight I made chili! With noodles, of course.




Louisville-Style Chili

1/2 onion, diced

2-3 garlic gloves, minced

Chili powder (I use Bloemer’s) to taste

One 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes

Two cans of chili beans

Thin spaghetti

Hot sauce

Sautee the onions in a big pot, in about 1 tbsp of oil. When they’re soft, add the garlic and sautee a minute more. Add the beans, tomatoes, and chili powder, and turn to medium heat. Let it simmer for about 15 min.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta. When it’s done, add to chili. Season with your favorite hot sauce. Simple! I bet I have made this recipe a hundred times, maybe more. I used to make it a lot in high school when it was my turn to cook.

I usually have this with a peanut butter sandwich, which I dip into the chili. I think the noodles are a Louisville and possibly Cincinnati thing. People here often stare agog at my noodle chili, but whatever. They have no idea what they’re missing.


To finish it all off, I made margaritas, the way my daddy makes em.


Margaritas, Redneck Style

1 can frozen limeade concentrate, 6oz

6 oz tequila

2 oz Triple Sec, or Cointreau if you’re getting all fancy

a tray of ice cubes

Add to blender, adding the ice cubes a bit at a time, and blend it on the highest setting until it’s slushy. Enjoy its sweet, sweet ability to erase the events of the past work week.


They’re not the most elegant cocktail out there, but they’re really good. The chili, plus the margaritas, both remind me of home. They’re the utmost in comfort food for me, and exactly what I needed as I nurse my stupid bum ankle.


2 thoughts on “Chili, Louisville style.

  1. Change the chili noodles to macaronis, eliminate anything resembling a fresh vegetable, and the frozen alcoholic beverage to strawberry daiquiris (similarly redneckified via a large tub of kroger brand strawberries in syrup), and you have our variation.

    And the peanut butter sandwich thing — man. My mom always does this, so I always ask if anyone wants a one when I serve chili, and everyone thinks it’s bizarre. She doesn’t even particularly like peanut butter sandwiches, but it’s so ingrained with her, to the point where I asked her if she had any peanut butter in the house and she answered, “I should still, I haven’t had chili in months.”

    • Ooo, I will have to try the strawberry daiquiris. Good call.

      Yeah, you gotta have peanut butter with chili. As much as I also enjoy fancypants foods (or things my family would consider totally weird, like couscous…haha) sometimes some plain and simple food like I grew up on is exactly what I need. Unfortunately, a lot of that came either out of a can or was fried, so yeah. Not food I should have often. But so yummy.

      Now I totally want some hush puppies or fried apples.

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