Jaywalkers #2.

Every year, I spend December 21 through 24 frantically trying to finish some lovingly handknit gift. This year, it was a pair of Jaywalkers:


These are for my granny, who has unbelievably tiny feet. She wears a size 5 shoe, and I wear a size 7, so these are a little wonky as modeled by me. They fit her nicely, though, and she seemed really happy to get them. She’s on the very short List of People I Knit For, which includes: my mom, my sister, babies, and me. I am far too stingy with my knitting time to knit for people far and wide. Babies are really only on the List because baby items take so few stitches.

Onto the deets:

Pattern: Jaywalkers

Yarn: ArtYarns Ultramerino 4, color 122. 2 skeins

Needles: size 1

Mods: I knit these Magic Loop style, yo. I also sized them down from  the smallest size (in other words, I took out one repeat of the chevron pattern).

This was my second pair of Jays, and I still like the pattern. This was my first experience with Ultramerino, and I liked it a whole lot. Pricey, but it has a very nice sproingy-ness to it and definitely resembles a merino-cotton blend.


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