Knitscene, and Reflections upon Vests.

Preface: I’m a dunce and left my camera at work over the weekend, so this will be an image-less post.

Anyhow. I got the newest issue of Knitscene last weekend (in some places it’s referred to as Winter/Spring 09, others it’s just Spring ’09, oh the confusion!!) and it didn’t strike me the same way the Fall ’08 issue did. There were an awful lot of “Easy” rated patterns, and I would hate to see the conflation of “a magazine aimed at younger knitters” = “easy patterns because that’s what younger knitters can knit”. Or maybe I’m just cranky.

There were a couple of knit-worthy patterns for me this issue. The Tempest beret is quite cute, and I also really like the Blue Filigree Hat. I love hat patterns, I love hats, but I never make time to knit them.

And I guess vests are, like, the thing for this season? How does one wear vests on a regular basis? I just don’t know. For further edification, I’m going to listen to the new episode of Stash and Burn this morning, the brilliantly Simpsons-referencing “See My Vest!” I’m considering knitting the Nimbus Vest from Knitscene, but I would never wear it with a turtleneck, like they’ve styled the model. I would wear it with…I don’t know. This whole vest thing is hard. Ooo, actually I would really love to knit the Nederland Vest from the Fall issue of Knitscene. Vests + argyle is something I understand, and I can easily throw a 3/4 sleeve button down shirt on under that type of vest.

Vests is one of those words where, the more you say it, the weirder it sounds and you start to worry you’re saying it incorrectly but everyone you’ve ever met is too polite to correct you. Or is that just me?


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