The Prodigal Blogger Returns.

Um..hello. It’s been a while.

Snow Day, Jan 2009

You might be thinking, hold up. Where the hell have you been, lady? And I have no defense, except to offer the excuse that I am a woefully inconsistent blogger. It’s true. I’m awful at blogging, but I like it anyway.

Let me distract you from my shortcomings! Hey! It snowed here!

OMG 4 inches of snow!

OMG 4 inches of snow!

So that was fun. It’s really rare to get snow here, and I hadn’t seen anything more than flurries in around 4 years. I’m watching most of the snow melt now, and every flake will be gone by Friday, when the high is 60 degrees. For real. Life is weird here in North Cackalacky.

I also cleaned out my closet! Check it:

Before! Ew gross.

Before! Ew gross.

I only make one New Years resolution, and that is to clean my damn closet out, every year. I followed this process: a brutally honest purging of clothes, shoes, and jewelry; an intense weekend of laundry to get caught up, including taking my suit n’ shit to the dry cleaners; putting everything back in a better and prettier manner.

Shiny! Happy! Organized!

Shiny! Happy! Organized!



My clothes are organized thusly; tops on top bar, bottoms on bottom bar, all arranged according to the color wheel. I spent $12 at Target to get 2 boxes for my out of season shoes and a set of hooks for my scarves. My closet makes me happy now.

Tune in next time for the story of the Xmas socks I still haven’t mailed to my granny yet, and other adventures in knitting.


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