Ravelympics Entry #1

Here’s my first Ravelympics entry, the Little Sister’s Dress, which I cast on while staring openmouthed at the opening ceremony. That was really an amazing spectacle. The drumming, the dancing calligraphy, the tai chi, all mindblowing. I kept having to remind myself that it was humans making these big, choreographed and synchronized movements, not computers, and doing it so precisely. Not to mention the fact that the whole thing was directed by my favorite Chinese director. Nice.

I was so engrossed in the ceremony that I overlooked the fact that I didn’t really get gauge and as a result, the neckhole of the dress would fit a kitten or perhaps a squirrel but not a human baby. I ended up doubling up the yarn, because I have plenty, and moving up to size 3’s from US 1’s. It’s looking a lot more baby-sized now.

This is what I think of your knitting, human.

This is what I think of your knitting, human.

Alright, off to watch some beach volleyball. My cat does not share my enthusiasm for the Summer Olympics.


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