Composed Mitts are done…and Twist Collective is up!

I’m keeping the FO’s rolling.

Pattern: Composed Mitts by Michelle Rose Orne, from IK Fall ’07

Yarn: Merino Style from Knitpicks

Needles: Lantern Moon Sox Stix, size 3 US

Notes: I still think the colors are all wrong for this. I bought the yarn online, obviously, and I still find it really hard to accurately gauge Knitpicks colors from the teeny thumbnail photos. Despite the fact that they look like they belong on a small Norwegian child, I like these mitts. The colorwork was super fun because the pattern changes so quickly, after only a couple rows, so there’s a lot of motivation to keep going.

1. Branching Out in Blue Sky Dyed Cotton, Aloe colorway, started Summer 06
2. Hexacomb Cardigan, started in March 08
3. Thuja, also started in March 08
4. Toe Up Socks, started Dec 07
5. Juno Regina, started March 08
6. Ms Marigold, started Summer 06
7. Composed Mitts, started Jan 08

Oh, yeah, and also? The Twist Collective is about the coolest thing ever. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks now, and checking for more little preview teasers on their site. The patterns are basically all from my favorite designers ever, the photography is lovely, the articles are interesting – very nicely done.

In my knitting dreams, I want to make:

Lily (love!!)
Little Birds (Okay, seriously? This sweater is so sweet I want to vomit. In a very good way.)

I think the idea of charging for individual patterns is very fair, although it means my cheap ass will have to limit purchases to things I’m really, actually about to start knitting right this instant. Which is probably a good thing. Kudos to the writers and designers, who might actually make more than minimum wage for their hard work.


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