More NYC.

1. Brooklyn Bridge. , 2. Atlas at Rockefeller. , 3. Strawberry Fields. , 4. Library Hotel! , 5. Library Hotel. , 6. Grand Central and Chrysler Bldg. , 7. Me and Alice. , 8. Trinity Root tree sculpture. , 9. Detail, Rockefeller Center. , 10. Empire State. , 11. View of Upper West Side. , 12. Bird Detail , 13. Rockefeller. , 14. Bethesda Terrace. , 15. Lower East Side. , 16. Brooklyn Bridge, and waterfall.

More about New York:

My favorite meal was at Land Thai on the Upper East Side. If you ever go, you have to get the green papaya salad. That’s all I’m sayin’. It’s really good.

I adored our hotel, and would have moved in permanently had funds been available. The rooms are Dewey-themed, and we stayed in rm 800.04, which represents “dramatic literature”. 804 as a Dewey category isn’t used any more, but I can live with that. I mean, they have to do something with room 804, right? Too bad we didn’t get the “erotic literature” room! That would have been a great story to tell the grandparents.

There were also little touches all around to thrill my librarian’s heart, like these:

Do not disturb! Reading erotic literature!

Do not disturb! Reading erotic literature!

Anyway, it was pretty incredible. I’ve never stayed anywhere fancier than a Doubletree Inn, so this was basically paradise. There was a phone next to the toilet! Talk about high class.

Although I would have been content to stay in the hotel and eat on the complimentary snacks and wine all day, the world outside our hotel was equally fun. We went to MoMa, walked our feet off around Central Park, SoHo, Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and Greenwich Village. It was so fascinating to see how each neighborhood had such a distinct character and could change within a block or two.

Sigh. I want to go back, now. We’re planning on returning for sure, but probably not until next summer. New York, my love, I’ll be back!! I just have to save up a bunch of money first.


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