Vacation knitting, NYC, and my mom.

Tomorrow I’m going to New York City. Eep! I’m so excited. I’ve been reading travel guides and studying up on the city for months now, and am thrilled beyond words to see it all in person. I love the frantic movement of cities, although I’m kind of scared my timid Southern self will get eaten alive. My grandmother moved to Brooklyn after she married my grandad, who grew up there, and I can only imagine the reactions she got when she opened her mouth and her straight-from-the-holler accent came out. My family on my mom’s side is this weird mix of Appalachia and NYC. It must be where my weirdness comes from.

Speaking of my mama, she’s the lucky duck who gets this for her birthday:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts luscious silk

Of course, it’ll be knit up before she gets it. But how pretty is that? It’s Blue Moon Fiber Arts Luscious Silk, turquoise colorway. The skein is 360 yds/329 m of 100% silk in a thick-ish fingering weight. This was my first order from BMFA, and I have no complaints. I was impatient for it to come in the mail, but good things (aka hand dyed yarn) are generally worth waiting for!

It will travel to New York with me and become the Montego Bay Scarf along the way. Me (and the scarf) will be back and blogging in about a week! (Expect some in depth play-by-plays of my visits to NYC yarn stores.) See ya.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts luscious silk


One thought on “Vacation knitting, NYC, and my mom.

  1. hey, i sent you some recs, but i’m not sure it’s your current email. so check it out and if it’s not there, i’ll send ’em again!

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