Quilts and eggs.

It’s gotten slightly cooler this week, and by “cooler” I mean under 90 degrees F. Brr! Possibly for that reason, my thoughts have turned to blankets. I cast on for a Pinwheel Blanket on Wednesday, a spur of the moment thing to use up some leftover Merino Style. It’s making good TV watching knitting. (It’s stormy today, so no good photos. Sorry!)


I’m also thinking a lot about quilting. The photo is a quilt my great-grandma made in the 70’s with all kinds of leftover fabric mixed in with the standard cotton – courderoy, seersucker, even some hideous paisley denim stuff. All the women in my family used to quilt. I used to quilt too as a kid, and the skills are all still there, but I gave it up in college because it takes up a lot more space than a studio apartment could provide. With a new niece on her way, I want to make a baby quilt, and two more kid-sized quilts for her big sisters. And what better excuse to use amazing fabric like this? Or this? Or this teeny deer fabric?

By the way, I’m going to New York next week. I may have neglected to mention this, but I am SO EXCITED OMG. I’ve never been further north on the East Coast than Virginia, so it will be a whole new experience. Anyhow. A trip to Purl Soho and their sister fabric store for quilting supplies is definitely in my future. It’s for the kids, right? Think of the children!

Finally, here are some eggs. I noticed they were arranged in perfect gradation and I couldn’t pass up the photo op. They came from a farm outside Chapel Hill. Cute!



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