Flutter Sleeve.

It’s June! Can you believe it?

Pesky things like work and chores and more work have kept me from knitting much, and no knitting means I don’t have much to blog about. I did manage to buy some yarn, though.

Ultra Alpaca

Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Pea Soup Mix. Have no idea what this will be.

Malabrigo Organic Cotton

Malabrigo Organic Cotton in turquesa. This is very nice stuff. It’s dyed with natural dye, which gives the color a little bit of texture. It’s not the softest in the skein, but I’m guessing it will get softer after being washed and worn. This may be a summery shrug or short sleeved cardigan of some sort.

I actually have some more purchases (thanks, Webs annual sale!) but it started thundering and looking a little ominous outside before I could take more photos.

I cast on for the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan two weekends ago, and have been a pretty monogamous knitter lately. Here’s the back:

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

I have one front panel done, and the other pretty close to being done. It’s been smooth sailing so far, once I finally got the right gauge. I had to go down THREE needle sizes and cast on 10 fewer stitches to get the correct measurements. I’m starting to think I knit freakishly loosely. I’m hoping to finish this up in the next 2 weeks, and cast on for a new sweater. I’ve gone sweater crazy, I do declare.

In non-knitting news, we went to Duke Gardens recently, and I loved these bizarro purple puff balls.

Duke Gardens.

And in the time I’ve written this entry, it’s gone from a sunny blue to a scary dark yellow sky, and the trees outside my window are whipping around like crazy. Off to enjoy the storm…


One thought on “Flutter Sleeve.

  1. man, i love alliums so much (the purple puff balls)! this fall i’m planning on planting a bunch, as i have recurring fantasies of my yard erupting in space-age flower orbs each spring.

    and i like the cardigan so far… the yarn is very crunchy looking (good thing).

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