Ends and flowers.

What I did with my weekend…


april24 001

After an hour or so of listening to podcasts and drinking sweet tea:

Composed Mitts.

I hate weaving in ends. I really, really do. I knew I would feel so much better after I finished all these ends, though. And I did. I felt quite virtuous (ignoring the part around end #47, where I just starting tying the ends off. Shh). I’m getting very close to finishing the second mitt, and am so very excited about checking another item off my WIP list.

I also planted some spring flowers, during the one hour of the weekend that it wasn’t raining.

April flowers.

Gerbera daisy.

All in all, a very nice weekend.


One thought on “Ends and flowers.

  1. man, all those ends give me the heebee jeebees. have you ever tried doing it as you knit? you just twist the end with the working yarn, behind the knitting, like you were doing colorwork. i did a stripey sweater for seb a while back that way and it was fantastic… i counted at the end and found that i had avoided 70 someodd ends.

    in any case, i admire your fortitude.

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