Finish what you start.

As promised, I’ve sorted through my knitting and pulled out all my WIPs. Well…not all of them. I have to be honest, there are some projects squirreled away in plastic bins shoved in the back of my closet because I can’t bear to think about them. One – I have about 3/4 of a baby blanket hidden away. I started it for the birth of my niece, who turned 2 in January. I should also mention that I’m expecting a third niece or nephew in September. Two – I have one kneesock from the first SnB book completed, but I ran out of yarn and am not motivated enough to track down the acrylic sock yarn I used, which I’m sure is discontinued by now. Three – I have not one but TWO scrap crochet afghans started. I felt very thrifty starting them, using up little bits and bobs of yarn. My enthusiasm has since waned.

So, let’s say I pulled out all the WIPs I realistically will finish and use. Here they are:

works in progress.

From the top, going clockwise:

  1. Branching Out in Blue Sky Dyed Cotton, Aloe colorway, started Summer 06
  2. Hexacomb Cardigan, started in March 08
  3. Thuja, also started in March 08
  4. Toe Up Socks, started Dec 07
  5. Juno Regina, started March 08
  6. Ms Marigold, started Summer 06

I’m just realizing that I forgot to include the Composed Mitts in my picture.


7. Composed Mitts, started Jan 08.

Arg! Ridiculous!

Ms. Marigold

Let’s discuss the most absurd WIP of the bunch: Ms. Marigold. I love this sweater. Easy knit, cute color, fits me great. I knit the whole thing during the summer of 2006, and stopped when I’d crocheted one little ruffly sleeve. I couldn’t decide if I like it better with or sans ruffles, so I set it aside to think about it for a day or two. Then a week or two. Hell, why not give it a year or two? Gotta ensure you make the right decision. All that’s left to do is frog the ruffles, sew in the ends, and block. I will do this!!!
I can’t face myself in the mirror if I don’t.

I’m going to be crossing things off my list in the coming weeks. I want to get excited about new knitting (and maybe get some new yarn) but I can’t while these WIP demons are haunting me. I must be very stern and disciplined. I’m off to work on the mate to Thuja, which I think I can finish this weekend.


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