I haven’t forgotten you, blog! I just got very busy for a minute there. I had a lovely trip home during spring break, and then a visit from the in-laws, and then dealt with the avalanche of “returning to work after spring break” work.

So what did I do on my spring break? This, for one thing:

corn hole!

For the uninitiated, this is cornhole. It’s a game of skill in which you throw bean bags (er…corn bags) at, well, a hole. It’s more complicated than that – you keep score, there’s definitely strategy involved and it’s surprisingly addicting. I personally play better when I’m slightly under the influence of light beer. Your mileage may vary. (And yes, we did play indoors. Such is my family’s dedication to the fine tradition that is…cornhole.)

I also took photos of some projects I knit as Xmas gifts. Fetching (again…third pair) for my sister:


And Mary Jane’s Pithy Hat, both in Paton’s Classic Merino.

mary jane hat.

(Sorry for the blur. My sister was not thrilled about having strangers, all 3 of you, look at photos of her on the internet. But isn’t her hair cute?)

Happily, my sister had to dig the Fetching and hat out of her bag because she actually wears them! Hooray!

I also did some knitting, but I think this is enough chatting for now so I’ll save it for later. Spring break now seems like a distant memory (sigh…) but summer is a mere 8 weeks away! I expect to blog a ton more when I’m on vacation.


One thought on “

  1. man, i was a cornhole hater for a looonnngg time… but as soon as i was done with college and could dissociate it from drunken frat boys up and down waller, well… i have changed my tune.

    that game is like crack. a fine kentucky tradition, which i, too, play better when slightly inebriated.

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