Yay, yarn!

Classic Elite Classic Silk.

Look what came last week! 7 skeins of Classic Elite Classic Silk in butter that will one day be the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan. It’s the first part of my WEBS order – I also got some Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky that’s on backorder. It turns out that’s a good thing, because it will be a while before I can get around to knitting it. My sweater queue is a little…ambitious.

hexacomb cardigan, body.

Most of my knitting focus this week has been on the Hexacomb Cardigan, and that’s going well. I’m done with the left front, starting on the right front, and hoping to get the back done this weekend. I cast on for this last Sunday, so it’s going pretty quickly. I’m using Cotton Ease, and I ended up having to go down to size 3’s (from the recommended size 6’s) to get gauge. I’m knitting the smallest, 32 inch bust, size.

hexacomb pattern

The stitch pattern is entertaining. I have to tug a bit tighter than normal when I make the 2-purl-stitch bits that separate the hexacombs (did that make sense to anyone but me?) because I’m switching from purl to knit and sometimes I have a little gap there. A nice firm tug usually sorts that out, though. The one irritation about knitting this is that the Cotton Ease is the tiniest bit cheap-feeling in my hands. I’ve gotten spoiled with nice fibers lately.

One last shot of my new yarn, just because.

Classic Elite Classic Silk.


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