Curried lentils with sweet potatoes and greens.

The icky cloudy weather never really cleared up, and rather than take dreary photos of my knitting, I decided not to take any at all. I’ve cast on for the Hexacomb cardigan, and am making good progress on that. Pictures coming soon. (I just misspelled “pictures” 4 times, certain proof that I am beyond sleepy).

curried lentils.

Dinner on Sunday was Curried Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and (not) Swiss Chard – another winner I found on Smitten Kitchen. It’s not so pretty to look at, but it was delicious to eat. In place of the Swiss chard, I subbed mustard greens, which have just come into season here this week. The sweet potatoes are North Carolina grown, as well. Did you know North Carolina is the number one sweet-potato-producing state in the union? It’s a fact!

mustard greens.

This was really, oh-so-very good. It’s also vegan and healthy, if you’re into that kind of thing.

curried lentils


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