By the time last Friday rolled around, I was feeling a little worn out. Bad Stuff was going on in the world, work was piling on the stress, my first student loan payment was due, and I’d stupidly paid a credit card bill one day late, leading to a $39 late fee. What does one do when one is feeling broke and beaten down? Why, buy yarn, of course.


This will become the Hexacomb Cardigan from Spring IK. I swatched (and I blocked my swatch! Where’s my prize??) with 5’s and didn’t get gauge. Today I headed over to Cozy to see about getting some Addi Lace size 4’s, because I love them so much I’d use them with non-laceweight yarns as well. They don’t usually carry them, but they were getting ready to make an Addi order today anyway. Fortune smiles upon me! They special ordered them and I should have them in a week.

Anyway. I was hoping to cast on and finish the Hexacomb (snerk…yeah right) before spring break in a few weeks. Knowing that wasn’t going to happen due to needing size 4’s, I decided to…order more yarn. As a reward to myself for waking up at 5:40 am everyday, I have been planning my first-ever WEBS order for the past 2 weeks. I filled my cart with hundreds of dollars of yarn over and over, just savoring the feeling of choice and abundance. Of course, when it came time to place the real order, I stuck to a very reasonable budget of around 50-ish dollars, buying enough yarn for 2 cardigans. I am sometimes too sensible and cautious with my money (except when it comes to late fees).

I’ll post photos of the cardi yarn when I get it, which should be fairly soon since it shipped today.

In actual knitting, I’ve been making sloooooow progress on Juno:

Juno Regina.

I have no idea how long it will take to knit 42 inches of the center section, but I can pretty much guarantee I’ll give up before then.


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