Juno Regina.

In a bout of startitis on Sunday, I cast on for Juno Regina, a scarf/stole that I’ve been wanting to make since the Fall 07 Knitty came out. I also had this skein of variegated lace-weight alpaca that I bought at Sophie’s during my last trip home. Lord knows why I bought variegated laceweight of all things. Well, I know why I bought it – the colors were so pretty, and it was 20% off, and…it’s laceweight. I love laceweight.

I’ve been searching around for a lace pattern that will work with a variegated yarn and isn’t also mind-numbingly plain and boring. I thought Juno would be nice, because the ends will be interesting enough to keep me motivated and the center section is simple enough to show off the colors. The end pattern is getting somewhat obscured by the variegation, but not too badly.

juno regina.

Obviously, it’s all kind of a clump at the moment. It’s also really slow going, whereas I usually breeze through lace knitting because I like it so much. My brain has slowed to a crawl this week; I’m still recovering from my cold, and work has been insane, as work always is. I’m hoping to get some serious knitting done this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Juno Regina.

  1. It looks great. I’m also knitting it (haven’t posted any progress shots) and am so looking forward to wearing it!

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