Not a whole lot of knitting is happening right now. Or, I should say, small but steady amounts of knitting are taking place, but I have no finished objects just yet. So I will blog a lil bit about one of my favorite things to do while engaging in the knit – listening to knitting podcasts.

Yay for podcasts. I’m a pretty recent convert, but discovered this fall that they made good company for the long and lonely days of unemployment. Now that I am most definitely employed, listening to podcasts is a lovely way to relax. I don’t actually have any knitting friends in town, and my non-knitting friends really don’t want to hear about the hand-dyed silk-merino-baby-alpaca-whatever I’m lusting after, or the newest Knitty, or how much I like addi Lace Turbos. The point is, knitting podcasts let me listen to knitting chatter outside my own head, for once.

My absolute favorite is Stash and Burn. I would totally want to be friends with Jenny and Nicole (hey! she’s a school librarian too!) if I knew them in real life. I like that they can be counted on to produce a professional-sounding, interesting, on-topic, fun podcast like clockwork every Tuesday. If they take a break, they tell you ahead of time. I like that. I need stability in my life.

I just found a really enjoyable podcast called Knitty Nora’s Knitting Natter, recorded by a lady with a very soothing accent who lives in the North of England. She has 3 episodes at this point. I’ve listened to all of them, and already learned several new techniques or little bits of knitting knowledge I hadn’t heard before. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one! Er, an ear. Ha, that was a terrible joke.
This blog has a very helpful list of currently recording and past knitting podcasts. I’ll be doing a lot of listening this weekend!


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