Fantasy knitting, Spring IK edition.

first daffodils.

You know what that means! Spring! (Sorry to visually taunt those of you in colder climates. If it helps, we’re experiencing a “wintry mix” of ice and rain tonight and temps in the 20’s.)

And spring means a new issue of Interweave. Oh my stars. I am in love with the Spring ’08 Interweave Knits. It’s exactly my style, love the colors, love the photos and styling. Love it.

I was not a fan of the winter issue. I understand they were shooting for a classic theme, but I generally go for a much more modern aesthetic. Just my opinion. I’ll probably be cursing that when everything I’ve knit looks oh-so-2008 one day, but for now that’s what I want to knit. And damn, do I want to knit everything in the spring issue. I’ve read a lot of people on Ravelry saying this issue seems too homogeneous – too many empire waists, too many cardigans, too much pink and yellow and coral. I love all those things. The more cardigans, the better.

Malabrigo lace and Spring IK

I picked up my issue this week on a trip to Cozy, one of my local yarn stores. (I also picked up some Malabrigo Lace in Bobby Blue. Total impulse buy.) I spent several lovely evenings this week, destressing from work and imagining what I want to knit. My top contenders:

  • Flutter Sleeve Cardigan by Pam Allen – I must make this. I feel a rare but unshakable drive to knit this. The kimono-like construction is really interesting, and I think it would be nice in warm or cool weather.
  • Printed Silk Cardigan by Conie Chang Chinchio – Another versatile cardigan. I love the texture of the stitches.
  • Hexacomb Cardigan by Katie Himmelberg – This is another must-knit-right-now. I love the hexacomb pattern, the delicate silhouette, and the neutral colors. I’d totally take the unimaginative route and knit this in the sample’s yarn and colors. I also want the model’s hair.
  • Drawstring Chemise by Connie Chang Chinchio (again!) – Lovely!
  • Bleeding Hearts Stole by Anne Hanson – Gorgeous lace. I think I’ll make this with KnitPicks Shadow, in Vineyard.

I think, with some dedicated knitting, I can actually get a lot of this done by the summer. We shall see.


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