Composed mitts on a delay day.

So school is delayed this morning! Hip hip hooray. That means I get an extra 2 hours to putter around the house, drink some tea, and avoid early morning bus duty. Truly, there’s about .00002 inches of snow on the ground and very few ice spots so I’m not quite certain why the delay, but hey. I’ll take what I can get, especially if it means not leaving the house when it’s still pitch black out.

I’ve been working ridiculous hours this week, and ridiculous hours=no knitting. However…I’m going to cheat and post some knitting that I got done over the weekend. (Shhh.)

Composed Mitts

These are the Composed Mitts by Michele Rose Orne, who is one of my favorite designers. Not only does she design gorgeous lovelies that manage to look both classic and fresh at the same time, her name reminds me of Sarah Orne Jewett, one of my favorite American writers. Anyhow. The mitts are very fun to knit – the colorwork looks much more complicated than it actually is. I’ve had some tension issues in the sections where you have to carry along 3 yarns, but I’m hoping that gets sorted out when I block them.

I have a mild hatred of the colors I chose. I’m trying to make peace with them, though.

Alright, I’m off to spend another hour in my PJs, perhaps even get some knitting time in, and then I’m off to work at the infinitely more sane hour of 8:30 am, rather than the usual 6:30. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s!


3 thoughts on “Composed mitts on a delay day.

  1. i really like her designs, too. i pretty much like every pair of these i see, even in colors i would never choose for myself.

    did you notice she has a new book coming out? a lot of it seems to have too many ruffles to wear, but it still looks interesting.

  2. Yep, I saw that in the Spring IK….it does look interesting. I’ll probably browse it at the bookstore before I get it though.

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