Clapotis, and Koigu love.

New project on the needles! I’m finally catching up with the rest of the online knitting world, who all finished their Clapotis (Clapotises? les Clapotis? heh) back in 2004. Three and a half years later, I’ve gotten around to knitting my version. Ever the trendsetter!

I’m using Koigu PPPM, and oh, my lord. It is the loveliest, most delicious variegated yarn to ever pass my needles. On TV-watching stockinette-type projects, I usually just glance down when I need to straighten things out and otherwise keep my eyes on The Soup or whatever. When I knit with this Koigu, I actually sit and watch myself knitting, just for the pure pleasure of watching the colors tumble together in different combinations.

Koigu PPPM

This is my first encounter with Koigu, and I can see this developing into a serious addiction. Happily for my budget, no yarn shops anywhere in my area carry it (I bought my 3 skeins as a super special birthday money treat while visiting Loopy Yarns in Chicago, which, incidentally, is a very fun shop to browse and has very friendly staff) so I don’t anticipate buying more anytime soon. Sad face. Maybe I’ll save up and buy some in the spring, in springy colors.

Pics of the actual scarf soon.


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